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Suzuki Teams Tackle the Sand of the Southwick National 

Brea, CA – (July 1, 2024) – The Wick 338 delivered a great track for Round 5 of the AMA Pro Motocross season. A strong rainstorm damaged the track, but it provided prime conditions on race day until rain and wind came in during the final 450 moto. 

Race Highlights:

  • Twisted Tea Suzuki presented by Progressive Insurance
    • 450 Class
      • Shane McElrath kicked off the racing with a top-ten start in moto one and ended the day with a top-15 moto result. 
      • Kyle Chisholm earned his season-best overall finish at Southwick.


  • Toyota Redlands BarX Suzuki
    • 450 Class
      • Max Miller led laps and earned a second-place result in the LCQ.
    • 250 Class
      • Dilan Schwartz battled toward a top-ten spot in the first moto before a tough crash hindered his day. 
      • Leo Tucker gained experience at the deep, rough track at The Wick 338.

Shane McElrath (12) charged forward from a top-ten start in the first moto, reaching as high as eighth place.

Shane McElrath (12), following a top-ten result at the previous round, was fast in the first qualifying session in Massachusetts. McElrath earned a good gate pick with a top-15 overall qualifying spot. McElrath wrapped up the day with a top-15 moto and remains solidly inside the top-20 rankings in the championship points. 

“The track was probably one of the roughest ‘Southwicks’ I've raced,” said McElrath. “We struggled to get going through the second practice and in the first moto. We’re still making changes and trying to figure things out a bit. The second moto was better but still, we can be better. We are focusing on RedBud and are ready to have a good week and continue progressing.” 


Kyle Chisholm (11) delivered his season-best moto finish as the Outdoor series nears its mid-point.

Kyle Chisholm (11) gained momentum as the sand track deteriorated and became rougher throughout the day. Chisholm capped off the day with a season-best moto result and earned points to move up in the championship standings. Chisholm moved up two spots in the title chase, tying with the rider one spot above that. 

“My Suzuki worked well all day, we nailed that,” reported Chisholm. “In the first moto I had a pretty decent start but unfortunately got roosted pretty bad coming into the first turn. I struggled to pull a tear off - there are really no smooth jumps, so it's hard to find time to reach up and get clear vision. I got passed by a few riders, didn't ride well the first two or three laps, and then just couldn't make up the ground. In the second moto, I was caught up in the first turn crash – I was able to keep it up but got stuck. I rode better than I did in the first moto and worked my way up to 15th. I’ve got a little bit more in me and want to get close to the top ten.”


Max Miller (87) spent time up front with a strong ride in the Southwick LCQ.

Max Miller (87) improved through morning qualifying in the 450 class, and led the LCQ, where he earned a spot in the motos. 

“It was a gnarly day at Southwick,” said Miller. “I wasn’t great starting off the day but earned second in the LCQ and then we were into the motos. Before Moto 1 I had some issues on the site lap that caused me to miss the gate drop. I started about half a lap behind. It went better in Moto 2; I rode hard and finished 25th.”


 Dilan Schwartz (40) had top-15 speed in both qualifying sessions then showed incredible grit racing back from a tough Moto 1 incident. 

Dilan Schwartz (40) looked strong on the high-speed track. Schwartz was battling forward toward a top-ten spot in the first moto when another rider got out of shape and crossed in front of Schwartz’s line. Schwartz went down and then was contacted by another rider at speed; however Schwartz recovered from the setback to earn points in both motos. 

“In Moto 1, I crashed and was hit by another rider,” said Schwartz. “I was able to get up and finish. In Moto 2, I just limped my way through it and managed to finish P-17.”


Leo Tucker (154) charged hard in a crowded field of 88 entries in the Southwick 250 class.

Leo Tucker (154), as part of the Group A qualifying session, was up against the unique qualities of Southwick that delivered the smoothest track to the first 250 Group B qualifying session. Tucker was unfortunately not up to race pace in the opening session and missed out on a direct transfer. In the LCQ, he charged forward from a first corner incident when a small mistake cost him a chance for a qualifying spot. 

“I struggled in the first qualifying session and was way off in times,” said Tucker. “Then we made some adjustments and went out and were better in the second qualifying session, but the times weren’t fast enough to get me straight into the motos. In the LCQ, I was clipped by another rider going into the first turn and went down. I was charging through the pack from dead last and was up to 15th when I washed the front end. It was an unfortunate weekend for me, but I’ll be back for RedBud. I’m hungry for more.” 

“Shane McElrath finished 18th overall and Kyle Chisholm finished 19th overall,” reported Larry Brooks, Twisted Tea/H.E.P. Motorsports/Suzuki presented by Progressive Insurance Team Manager. “They were both in the top 20, but we're more looking to the top ten than the top 20. It was just a tough weekend again; they're just not getting off the gate as well as they should, and it just hasn't been going the team’s way. So, we'll just keep hammering. We've got some test days set up this week and we're trying to improve coming into RedBud next weekend.”

“Today was a fun day,” summarized James Coy, Toyota Redlands BarX Suzuki Team Manager. “This track, more than any other one on the circuit, favors the local guys for sure. We did not have the best results, however our RM-Zs are really good, and we are surely going in the right direction.”

Next weekend the series heads to one of the most-anticipated events of the year, the RedBud National which traditionally takes place on the Fourth of July Holiday weekend. The Suzuki teams are looking forward to more strong rides and adding more points toward both the 11-round AMA Pro Motocross season and the 31-round SuperMotocross World Championship. 

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Photos by BrownDogWilson Photography